Located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, our showroom showcases the sublime “Caspaiou Atmosphere”. Featuring luxury European furniture, unique accessories, high-end lighting and art pieces, it provides a glimpse of our signature design style. With 600 square metres of viewing space spread over three floors, we present wide displays from 70+ leading European brands and hand-picked artists. The Caspaiou experience is all about creativity, collaboration, and connection.

Interiors that feel like home

Living spaces are meant for unwinding and togetherness, where functional and comfortable decor is accented by elegance. We use unmissable art, atmospheric lighting, handpicked furniture, and refined accessories, to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Elevating spaces,
enriching lives

Designing bedrooms is all about nurturing a sanctuary of your own. This is your world, where you get to be the most authentic, comfortable version of yourself. Come by the Caspaiou showroom, and browse through the endless possibilities of bedroom design with us.

Curating interiors,
crafting conversations

At Caspaiou, our showroom hosts a wide range of interior products that add refined comfort to the hospitable nature of dining rooms. We believe that friends and family that eat together, stay together. And so our spaces are designed to be the paragon of good taste.

Where creativity meets comfort

A refined study makes the work from home experience deeply fulfilling. Our showroom hosts an impressive array of decor that is tailor-made for in-house studies. Blending professional aesthetics with creative freedom, we carve the study into an oasis that inspires you to think, work, & create.





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