Welcome to Caspaiou’s design studio: a space dedicated to creativity, collaboration, and connection. Our services cater to individual preferences, bringing forth a comprehensive process that covers all aspects of interior design. From space planning and visualising, to sourcing, material selection, project management, installation and after-care service, we walk the extra mile for our clients.


We collaborate with our clients to align visions and define a design language for each project. This includes creating a personalised moodboard of your space, accounting for every detail that encompasses your lifestyle. Combining aesthetics with functionality, we marry your needs with our expertise, and establish a distinct look unique to you.


Once we know what our design direction is, the next step is dedicated to bringing it to life. With innovative 3D visuals, furniture layouts, and meticulous space planning, we chalk up a blueprint of your ideal interiors. With plenty of room for feedback, we make this an exciting stage where imagination anchors in practical results.


Getting the details right is perhaps the most crucial part of our interior design process. Our team of experienced professionals go over every aspect of design and sourcing in a comprehensive manner. This includes analysing material and furniture selections, deciding lighting accessories and tones, electrical positionings, and more.


Designing luxurious interiors is about more than simply creating atmospheres; it also involves tending to the space, managing timelines and varied aspects to perfection. With schedule specifications, procurement processes, coordinating supply sources, and surveying finished quality, our services range from shell and core to management and aftercare.


Promising end-to-end dedicated services, our team oversees all logistics, furniture and lighting installations, material selections, artwork placements, and design aftercare. This is an extensive, all-encompassing, handover of work, from us to you, the client.

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